At Montane Scottish Ultra Marathon Series or SUMSchampionship.org our objective is to help prepare you for the SUMS independently organized over a long season. But before that here’s a quick view of all the objectives of SUMS.

  • Be a source of peer support, promotion and advice for all involved in the ultra marathon races including race directors, participants and more.
  • Grow and improve the sport of ultra running in the country and to help promote national and international runners.
  • Have a long season that helps improve participation and yet offer a highly competitive platform to develop world class athletes.
  • Be the building block for local aspirants to become the national heroes of tomorrow.
  • Provide a fun, supportive and welcoming community for anyone involved in the SUMS.

SUMS Championship was initially formed in 2010 and it only had 9 races in total. But since 2013, the family has grown and owing to the massive participation, for the current season we will be conducting a total of 22 member races!


Here at SumsChampionship.org we aim at delivering to you all the help you need and information that can help you achieve your utmost best. However, if you wish to visit the official website for SUMS then please go here – scottishultramarathonseries.org